The Alchemy Of Men

A Transformational 8-Week Men’s Virtual Group Program

Ditch The Expectations.

Create Your Legendary Life

If you’ve landed on this page, my bet is that you’re wanting to experience and do more with your life

trying to figure it all out on your own and nothing changes.

I’m glad you’re here, man.

It’s time to knock that lone wolf sh*t off and get the support and brotherhood you’ve been missing.

Brotherhood of Support

This is more than a program. It’s a place where you can go to:

A lot of men are told what it means to be a man.


It’s time to ditch the expectation. You get to say what it means to be YOU and what you want your life to be.

Is it time to create your own legendary life?

Program Overview

8 Weeks


6 Men


Discover What You Want


Engage Your Self Awareness


Uncover Your True Strength


Clarify Your Goals


Release the weight of Expectations


Define Your Purpose


Identify Your Most Important Relationships


Complete and begin again


(VALUED AT $3,333)


1:1 Coaching Calls with Bob

(VALUED AT $1,111)

60 minutes on Zoom

Use these private coaching calls with Bob to get even more support to end self-sabotage, get on track with your goals, clarify your purpose and dream into what it is you really want.

8 LIVE Group Calls

(VALUED AT $2,222)

90 minutes on Zoom

These live calls are a dynamic blend of coaching, dialogue and accountability. Each call you’re given an Experiment that gets you in action with that week’s theme. Each group is limited to 6 men to ensure a lot of hands-on support.

8-Week Adventure Starts here

Week 1

Discover What You Want

Get clear on what lights you up in life.

Week 2

Engage Your Self Awareness

Discover what's working for you and what's not.

Week 3

Uncover Your True Strength

Redefine what it means to be a man to experience real power.

Week 4

Clarify Your Goals

Commit to what's going to launch you to your next level of success.

Week 5

Release the weight of Expectations

Lighten the load so you can be truly free to create the life you want.

Week 6

Define Your Purpose

Discover what who you are and the impact you can make.

Week 7

Identify Your Most Important Relationships

Prioritize you to maximize all realtionships in your life.

Week 8

Complete and begin again

Your new life is just beginning. Stay hungry for more.


(VALUED AT $3,333)


A medieval chemistry of transforming base metals into gold; taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary

Program Also Includes:


In The Alchemy of Men you’ll develop lifelong relationships with other kick ass guys doing kick ass things. In these relationships you can be real, be vulnerable and get called out and supported to become the guy you want to be. It takes support and a community of men at your back to break free from expectations and build a truer life for yourself. That’s what you get in this program.


The best way for us guys to change old patterns (like thinking we need to live up to other people’s expectations) and cultivate new habits are through EXPERIMENTS. Each week you’ll be given an Experiment that gets you in action with that week’s theme. These Experiments give you tangible steps and the freedom to explore. That’s what experimentation is all about: getting out of your comfort zone, exploring possibilities, and discovering more of what you’re capable of.

Don’t take it from me. Hear it from these guys.

The real alchemy in the world is the ability to manifest personal change: an ability that everyone possesses


Personal Note From Bob

Much of the world’s problems are due to men not being connected to their power, their purpose and their heart. As a result, they’re not living a life they’re passionate about. This is a fear-based way of living.

What we need are more men in conversations that matter. We need more powerful men who are connected to their heart. And this program exists to help create that. To support you in getting connected to your power, your purpose, and your heart so you can be part of the world’s solution, all while living your purpose.

If The Alchemy of Men is speaking to you, just say yes. You’re saying yes to yourself, not me.

And saying yes to yourself might even be a breakthrough in and of itself. How often do you make yourself a priority in your life? I dare you to dive in. It’s going to be awesome. You’ll be challenged and will grow and will create the life you know is possible for yourself — a life you’ve been yearning for for a long time.

I’m ready to create my legendary life.

Hey, It’s Bob

I’m a certified life and relationship coach, and the author of the upcoming book, “Why My Relationships Suck: How to Create Strong Relationships with Courage and Heart.” I’ve transformed my life from one of addiction, toxic relationships, and self-sabotaging behavior to a life of purpose and intention with the love of my life and newborn son. My philosophy is that we are in relationship to everything and through growth of self, loving others, and our career we can create a fulfilled and adventurous life of intention and purpose.



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