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Relationships don’t just happen. Prioritize your relationship to yourself, your partner (or future partner), and to the other relationships in your life to create the connection you want, with the one you love.

Registration Open Until November 3, 2022

Is Relationship Coaching Right for You?

If any of these relationship problems are present for you, then this is a sign that you or your relationship could use some love.

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Living In Love Incubator

Hey guys! Bob & Shona here and we’re beyond excited to be launching our next Living In Love Incubator. Our groups have been wildly successful and after seeing some unbelievable transformational change with our couples and singles, doors are now back open for enrollment into our next incubator.

What is the Living In Love Incubator?

It’s a 6-session-group-based incubator program for both couples and singles to create, enhance, and foster the relationship they want with the ones they love.

6 Group Calls

1 Private Session

Voxer Access

25+ Tools and Practices

Personalized Goal Setting

Date Night Kits

Understand your needs – Improve communication – Create Intimacy – Grow together. Learn the skills to grab hold of the experience you want in your relationship.

How to enroll?

Step 2

Let’s chat about your goals together

Step 3

After we align we can get you in the group!

"We'll just go to therapy"

Therapy talks about what is.

Coaching talks about what will be – what you want in your relationship.

And most importantly, gives you the actionable tools and practices to create the relationship you want

It’s the difference between just talking about your feelings vs. learning how to shift your relationship together

Own your side of the relationship

Every relationship you have is impacted by the one you have with yourself.

We’re not interested in the “He said, She said” stuff here.

Instead learn to take responsibility. Learn to own your side of the argument. Learn to ask for what you need to effectively communicate with your partner.

The truth is —taking inventory of what’s going on is the key to enhancing all relationships in your life, not just the one with your partner or future partner.

For singles too

“I went through the Living in Love program with Bob and Shona, and it was life-changing in several ways. Because I was not in a relationship, I took it on as a way to grow and strengthen my relationship with myself, so that when I do end up in a relationship, I’ve done the work on my own stuff and can take that into a new relationship and create it differently than I ever have before.

This program was incredibly growth producing for me as an individual and I can only imagine how powerful it would be for a couple.

The self-love I created by going through this program has been grounding, comforting and empowering which has had amazing ripple effects throughout all areas of my life where I have relationships with people (work, clients, friends, family, even strangers).”

Living In Love 1.0 Graduate

Improve communication

Understand what’s going on with yourself first to effectively communicate with your partner

Receive the tools to support you in navigating an argument in a healthy way vs. blaming, shaming, or guilt-tripping others.

Support your partner (or others) in a whole new way by navigating through difficulties lovingly to create more intimacy, more fun, and the magic required of an exceptional relationship.

Spark the Intimacy

Intimacy is not just about the bedroom but it sure leads to it.

Let’s work to identify how you like to be loved on a daily basis AND how you can shake things up in the bedroom.

Here’s a few tips to get you started early:
Schedule sexy time, try something new, and learn what makes each other tick by being open about what you want with each other. Discover what your fundamental need is when it comes to intimacy.

We're Bob & Shona

We are professional Ontological and Gottman trained relationship coaches (a happily married couple) with over 15 years of combined experience.

When we met, it was clear we were creating something special. Our whirlwind courtship had us sharing our vows and building our life together in unexpected ways. Admittedly at a pace that, at times, was uncomfortable, but we were intently clear on who we were, what we wanted, and why we wanted it. Now married and building our family, we believe anything is possible when you bridge the gap together between head and heart.

We’re excited you are here and our hope is our story inspires you to create the relationship goals and experience of life that matters to you most.

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