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I’ll support you on the goals that matter most to you.


The joy, passion, purpose, and spontaneity of life has left. You’ve accomplished a lot, you’re successful, but you’re always striving for the next thing and left unsatisfied. You feel a bit lost and not sure how to get back on track. When you really check in with yourself, you may find there is a disconnect between your head and your heart. All you know for sure is there’s something missing. Well it’s you. You’re missing.

I work with you to reconnect your head and heart and bring you back to the forefront of your life. You’ll learn to access your highest and greatest self. You’ll regain hope, clarity, sense of purpose and see new possibilities where there was once none. You will fall in love with yourself.

Typical coaching engagement is 6 months.


I support you whether your relationship isn’t working or if you’d like to create a relationship. For example, the way you relate to the person you fell in love with has changed and things feel broken. Or you may notice that relationships never seem to work for you and the ultimate partnership you seek consistently evades you. In either case you’re going through the motions seeing some patterns and know something has got to shift.

There’s usually some work to do with you first. I will help align your vision for relationship with action and direction. I will support you in getting complete with how its gone and how you think it will go by aligning your higher purpose with your quest for love. And in some cases, you’ll decide to end the relationship. If that’s you, I support you to do this with integrity and love while looking ahead to creating what’s next.

Together we will create space for a powerful relationship to thrive. Love, partnership and passion are all possible.

Typical coaching engagement is 6 months.


Relationship Starter Kit

Here we will get to the fundamental blocks you experience in starting THE relationship. The courage to look at one’s self will be required and a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. We will get you reconnected to your heart and with new found clarity, direction, and awareness of purpose to be dating dating courageously. 8 week commitment.

Relationship Repair Kit

It takes courage to admit that your relationship is failing. I will support you in elevating you out of your complaints and get to the facts of your relationship troubles. We will align your heart with your higher commitment you share with your chosen partner and get you in action that is in line with that commitment. Finally, through an agreed upon engagement I will guide you and your partner through an intense activity resulting in the rediscovery of your partnership and create next steps. 8 week commitment.


If you are a leader, do you relate to yourself as one? You’ve lost yourself in your career and along the way you’ve lost your power. Do you feel stuck and ready to take your business to the next level? Despite all you’ve accomplished you never feel a true sense of accomplishment and forgot about what’s it’s like to celebrate. As a result, your leadership and success is suffering and others are noticing. You’re playing it safe and stuck in the status quo. You wake up with dread as the next phone call, email, or text beckons you.

I support you with clarity, direction, and focus in having a career. We partner to align your career and passion, align career next steps and improve big picture focus.

You’ll find satisfaction in your career, become a stronger leader and gain more joy, energy and revitalization in the work you do. Ultimately you create a new perspective on the role of career in your life.

Typical coaching engagement is 6 months.


We will have 4 sessions per month in 1 to 1 phone or video format. Sessions last 1 to 1.5 hours and after each session you will be given practice areas that move your relationships forward.

I strongly encourage my clients to invest in at least 6 months in themselves to powerfully create their relationship breakthroughs. Contact for pricing.



As in any relationship, the coaching relationship must also be compatible built on love and trust. In this session we will discover if our relationship as coach and coachee is a good fit and your openness to being coached. We will explore the type(s) of relationship you would like to work on and identify the high level challenges you are facing and the goals you want to achieve. We will seek to gain clarity on what’s in the way and provide you with some practices to take on in the coming days.

Complimentary session is 60 minutes.


“Bob helped me through some of the craziest times in my life. He helped me to see my true value and potential in all areas of my life. He was able to get into areas of my brain that I wouldn’t otherwise have known were there. He always approached me with love and kindness. I could feel his care and love in every conversation we had. He has great intuition and I believe he can help anybody with where they are trying to go. Bob was very real in his approach to me, but also gave me space to fill certain rolls when all I needed was a buddy to bounce ideas off of. I highly suggest a conversation with this man!”

– Corey Boyles

“Bob has provided such clarity, guidance, and insight along my journey. Many of us don’t really understand our potential and heart’s desire. He has a way of pulling that out of you in such a caring and loving way. By no means is the journey without hardship and work, but the discovery process is beyond rewarding.”

– Chris MacArthur

“For the past 7 months, I have worked with Bob as my life coach. He has helped me recognize truths, skills and strengths about myself that I never thought I had. He has also helped to nudge me out of my comfort zone where all growth lies. As a result, I have been on an amazing and powerful journey of self-discovery, possibility and accomplishments. I cannot put into words how much these past few months of coaching has helped me to shine from the inside out. And I can’t encourage others enough to try this journey too.”

– Leila Molahan

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