My Unborn Son is a Better Coach than I Am

My Unborn Son is a Better Coach than I am. A couple of months ago, my wife and I were feeling nervous and excited as we assembled a nursery for our first child. My wife, Shona, felt a strange sensation and a gush of fluid… “I think my water just broke.” She was five months […]

The Most Important Relationship

Here is my piece I wrote as a guest blogger for Jenn Shull and The Bold Thing. What an honor to be able to share myself and my relationship approach with her community. Big love all Bob We are in a relationship with everything. We have relationships to the people in and out of our […]

Your First Fight….

So you’ve had a few relationships go south… Trust me, I’ve been there. And you’re hoping that this time will be different! But now you and your partner are facing your first fight – Womp Womp. It sucks, it hurts, it’s discouraging, and all that baggage you thought you left behind is back with a […]

Getting Vulnerable with a Client

A while ago I was on the This Epic Life Podcast with Kristoffer “KC” Carter. KC is one of my favorite humans and clients. He is a force of nature in this world. We got to talk all about the good stuff. Vulnerabilty, Voltron, and the Power available when we connect to our hearts. Give […]