What I do…

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What I do… I am a coach. I support my clients in getting what they want outside of circumstance. I provide a safe space to dream as big as one wants and imagine what’s possible outside of the doubt, the fear, the knowing how it’s going to go based on the past, and all the […]

Honoring My Voice, Honoring My Father

Over the past couple of months, I have re-empowered my emotional healing journey. I have done a ton of work in this area over the past three years and had it that my work was “done” and or that the level of support I currently had in place was enough. Whelp, as I continue to […]

Vulnerability, Want To Fight About It?

Take off the armor. Put down the shield. Drop your weapons. Take a deep breath. Ready? I’d like to talk about vulnerability. Let’s fight about it. I’ve found that many of us look at vulnerability as weakness and I want to challenge it a bit here (looking at you fellas). The type of vulnerability where […]

When I Met All Of Me

The day I REALLY met myself happened a couple of years ago. I recall it so vividly. I was on a call with Jenn Shull of “The Bold Thing” receiving some of her brilliant coaching. I was up against my not good enough story…You know, the story where the monkey mind tells you that you […]

Relationships Are Really Hard!

In the realm of romantic relationship how many times have you thought or felt “It shouldn’t be this hard!” or “It’ll be so easy when I find the one”? Or, is your experience one that embodies the “Whelp, this is how it goes, fun at first, then gets hard, then screw it, suffer until one […]

Creating Courage


Much of what I do with my clients requires a tremendous amount of courage. To recognize that something is missing, that there’s a gap, that, god forbid, I may need help. We are taught to be self-sufficient, to work harder, better, faster, to “fix” the thing. Sure, it works for a time but there begins […]

Remembering Who You Are

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Having someone in your life that treats you as less than and robs you of joy is difficult. Exhausting. The constant negative comments which impact who and what you are to the world is deflating. It leads to despair. It’s suffocating. What did I do to deserve this? How did I let this happen to […]