Is Online Dating For You?

Is Online Dating For You? My friends over at Consumer Advocate wrote a Guest Blog on Online Dating. Do you Love it…OR Hate it? Enjoy! Bob Let’s be honest.  Most of us have either tried on-line dating or at least considered it.  Online dating can be both a fun and exhausting experience depending on how […]

Love Your Heartbreak

Today I am sharing an excerpt of my forthcoming book “Why Your Relationships Suck: Guide to Creating Strong Relationships with Courage and Heart”. I felt moved to share this today as I find time and time again the resistance in being with a broken heart. Many of our clients are in some phase of a […]

Holiday Hangover?

Holiday Hangover??? If you are reading this, you have likely survived the holidays. Congratulations! The holidays can be hard for some for a number of reasons. Here are a few: Traveling Seeing family you may or may not enjoy being with Lack of structure and schedule Off of work Tempting food not aligned with your […]

Resolutions For The New Year? FAIL

Resolutions for The New Year? FAIL As we head into the last month of the calendar many of us begin to think about all the things we want to take on for the coming year.  Changes we want to make, goals we want to achieve, hopes for new beginnings, and possibly even hopes for new […]

I Object! Top 3 Objections to Transformation

Here are the top 3 objections to taking on transformation I get to hear as a coach I can’t afford it. This is probably my favorite objection and the one I hear most often.  When I discuss the investment required to start with a potential client this is very often the first thing they put […]

Be Less Petty Podcast – Tinder Loving Care

Join Shona and I as we share a bit about how we met, what happens when challenges come up in our marriage, and of course how being intentional in our relationship is crucial for happiness.  Hosts Kellye Howard and Mike Jue are amazing and talented humans.  We quickly became friends after our time with them!  […]

By saying no, what are you saying yes to?

By saying no, what are you saying yes to? Transformation is triggering, confrontational, and scary.  Most transformation occurs outside of one’s comfort zone, so by definition transformation will be a bit uncomfortable.  Got it? Good, and it’s OK. But if you want something different than what you currently got, hang on. There’s a saying that […]

What’s Wrong with Me?

What’s wrong with me? In my work with coaching individuals and couples the “What’s wrong with me?” question comes up quite a bit. Years of unfulfilled relationships, predictable repeated patterns from your partner(s), and the overwhelming thought that there actually IS something wrong with you is simply stated not serving you. It stalls growth as […]

Guest Blog-A Lesson on How to Nurture Your Inner Child by Ryan Hall

In my guest space here on Bob’s blog, I want to give you a lesson on how to nurture your inner child while you execute your bold, grown-up vision for your life. I’ve got a deep connection with the Winnie the Pooh universe. As a kid, I saw myself as a stand-in for Christopher Robin […]

Three Reasons Why Your Romantic Relationship SUCKS!

Three reasons why your romantic relationships suck, have sucked, or will suck. I work with a lot of different clients in improving their relationships. I am talking “big R” Relationships. Relationships with themselves, with others (family, friends, romance), and with their chosen professions. I believe, and it is in my experience, that who we are […]