Meet Bob

Personally, I’ve transformed my life from one of addiction, toxic relationships, and self-sabotaging behavior to a life of purpose and intention with the love of my life and new son.

I’m a credentialed ontological life and relationship coach, featured on ABC, CBS, Fox, and Good Morning America, and the author of the book,

“Why My Relationships Suck: How to Create Strong Relationships with Courage and Heart.”



My philosophy is that we are in relationship to everything and through the growth of self, loving others, and bringing our full power to our careers we can create a fulfilling and adventurous life of intention and purpose.


My Approach

If you’re truly committed to thriving in every aspect of your life, I’m the guy who will get you there. I’ll tell you everything you don’t want to hear. I’ll hold you accountable to the man you want to be. And together we’ll work through the scary and uncomfortable shit to forge the life you want – even if you don’t know what that is yet.


= Abundance

{Results beyond anything you could ever imagine}

Forging my own purpose

For years I chased the things that were expected of me, the things that were supposed to make me happy: a stable 6-figure job. A title. A cool car. A hot girlfriend.

I had all those things; and I still wasn’t happy. Something BIG was missing.

The thing that changed everything for me (besides getting sober) was letting go of my addiction to living up to other people’s expectations. Once I did this, I found my purpose. I became a coach to help guys like you unlock your potential.

Why My Relationships Suck

How to Create Strong Relationships with Courage and Heart

If you’re like most people, you want a relationship but don’t know how to create a happy, thriving, successful one. You’ve tried and failed and have even tried again, often repeating the same mistakes. You know what you don’t want but not what you want. And underneath it all, you have a deep sense of shame, failure and loneliness—even though you’re in a relationship.

This was the story of my life. I hit rock bottom when I broke into my drug dealer’s house to find my then wife having an affair with him. Talk about a wake up call. It took my first marriage exploding to face the fact that the common denominator in all of my failed relationships was me.

No matter how much your current relationship sucks, no matter how many failed relationships you’ve had, there is a way to stop your relationship from sinking and start learning simple yet effective strategies for how to experience the legendary relationship that makes you want to be a better man.


Get the support you deserve (but don’t want to ask for).

I went from feeling dead inside to being fucking lit up by life. How? I stopped living to please others and prioritized my passion and purpose.

You can do better than living an okay life. Let’s get you on the path to living your legendary one.