Hi, I’m Bob

I connect my clients to their heart which I believe is the foundation to creating breakthrough results.

I created my business, Conlin Coaching, to support you in creating the experience in life that has you excited, empowered, and exceeding in your relationships.


I have always found that helping others is the gift I have and one that is my passion.

From healing hearts as a cardiac critical care registered nurse in my first career to the regional director of a multimillion-dollar medical group healthcare system, it has been this experience that has led me to understand the critical importance of relationships in life.

I’ve supported families and individuals during some of the most tragic life and death scenarios and pushed and grew my leadership running the business side of healthcare while creating excellence against the odds among my teams. My expanded ability to be with others and meet them where they are has certainly been shaped by this career path.

While moving up the healthcare corporate ladder I knew my gifts and skills were not being fully utilized. I discovered the growing field of coaching and going through the rigorous Coaches Training Program with Accomplishment Coaching I further developed my skill in being with and getting the best out of others, including myself.

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC)  by the International Coaching Federation, the president-elect for the Chicago chapter of the International Coaching Federation, hold an MBA from Benedictine University and a Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing from Purdue University. I have completed Level 1 training in the Gottman Method, which is a research-based approach to relationships. I am a former Leader in Training and mentor for new coaches with Accomplishment Coaching’s Ontologocial Coach and Leadership development programs.

My philosophy is that we are in relationship to everything and the top three opportunities for growth exist in self, loving others, and career. Now, as a relationship coach, I’m doing the work that I was meant to do to fulfill my life purpose.

As the author of the forthcoming book “Why Your Relationships Suck: How to Create Strong Relationships with Courage and Heart” and as a devoted student of the relationship development I preach, I enjoy a rewarding and fuller life being a husband, a coach, a leader, a musician, and traveler.

Discover and live your purpose.


“When I began working with Robert my mind and heart was twisted in many different directions as I struggled with some serious potential life changes. With his help, I began to untangle that mess and begin navigating a path to happiness. Although my journey is not complete, Robert has helped to fashion the tools necessary for me to achieve that very thing…true happiness.”

– Kedric Greenawalt

“I’ve worked with Bob for eight weeks. Incredible and powerful learnings in such a short time, I cannot imagine what 12 months will do. I’ve had to take a short hiatus and I can’t wait to start again! Bob Is very insightful, caring and trusting.  He listens ever so intently and provides enough guidance and direction allowing you to see what’s right in front of you…. good, bad and ugly. I can honestly say stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the most powerful things you can do.  Bob is your parachute, don’t worry go for it.”

 – Mary Beth Donovan

“Bob has made a tremendous difference in my life. He brings so much insight, wisdom, and heart to each coaching session. Coaching with him has opened an amazing new range of possibilities in my career, relationships, and overall enjoyment of life.  I mean this earnestly: the rest of my life I will benefit from the transformation I’ve experienced working with him. If you’re on the fence: get off!”

 – Matt Maxwell

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