March 25, 2023

What You Want Isn’t What You Don’t Want

I talk to a lot of men about what they want. Often what’s shared is what they don’t want. They focus on the wrong “problem”.
🔥I’m tired of arguing with my wife/partner.
🔥I shouldn’t have to work so hard to make the money I do.
🔥I’m not present and often irritated at home with my kids.
🔥I’m not closing the deals I know I can.
When we focus on fixing the problems we don’t want it reinforces the problems. It makes them
more real. This gives very little access to the transformation available and the process needed to create lasting change.
Shift your mindset to the problems you do want.
Focus on the result. What you really want and look at what is in the way of generating and creating it. That’s the “problem”.
What’s in the way of creating…
A loving powerful relationship.
The opportunity you do have to make buckets of money.
The extraordinary father you know yourself to be.
Abundance in your career or business.
Turn the process of what you actually want into the problem and get to work.
1. Generate new awareness
2. Using this new awareness, take small and consistent action
3. Be held accountable to others. Someone who won’t let you off the hook and will challenge you.
4. Be open to receiving what it is you said you wanted.
Awareness + Action + Accountability
I know personally one of the best ways to create the results you want is to work with a coach. It’s a different conversation.
Reach out. Let’s make some real problems.