August 14, 2022

It’s Abnormal to Not Stop

I need to be reminded to follow my own beliefs. I know that may sound funny, but I need to remind myself every now and then to walk the talk and talk the walk. I’ve supported hundreds of clients in thousands of conversations on one of my most cherished core beliefs.


When it comes to creating anything; the new job, better health, the next client, business growth, writing a book, healing trauma, the best relationship of your life, spiritual evolution, that growth stops when we stop. So, just don’t stop.

Now don’t confuse this with rest. Rest is a required part of creating. It is when we stop, fully, and give up by talking ourselves out of the very thing we said we wanted. The road to your success may have gotten scary, hard, and confusing. You talked yourself out of wanting it. You retreated back to safety. It is when our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual energy gives up on our dreams that our dreams die.

It is normal to retreat back to our comfort zone when times get hard and challenging. I invite you to be abnormal. Do the opposite of stopping. Reinvent. Find out what is working and what isn’t and go for the opportunity that still exists in this unknown time. That’s where the magic is.

I woke up recently wanting to give up on it all. The book, the businesses, the rebrand, the groups, the retreat, my leadership and run back to corporate and the comfort of it all. I fantasized about it for a couple of days and then I remembered who I am. I am not meant for a cubicle. I am meant to share the message of love and hope. Of courage and leadership. Of daring to dream and to never forget when it gets really hard to always bet on yourself. To not give up. To not stop.

But first, maybe I do need a little rest.