June 3, 2022

Living Life Based on Circumstances?

We all have circumstances. These are the conditions of life, and it is what we do with these circumstances that fundamentally impacts our experience of life. In my work as a professional coach going on my 7th year, I have been in thousands of conversations about overcoming circumstances.


Here’s the thing. We never will. Life will be life. Hard things will happen. Circumstances will happen

Money, Love, Not enough time, Security, Safety, Career, the unknown future, etc. Circumstances are around every corner, and they are a HUGE distraction to living a joyful, purposeful, amazing life.


Notice if you are choosing to mitigate a circumstance or choosing to go after what you want. Notice if you are going for feeling good or aligning with who you were put on this planet to be.

You will blink and wonder where your life went…

Practice this… If there is something you want, but a circumstance is in the way change your mindset and language around.

For example, I want to invest in my business, but I don’t have the money. This is where we would stop. Zero possibility exists with this speaking and thinking.

Change to:

I want to invest in my business AND I don’t have the money. That simple change from BUT to AND allows for more possibility.

…And I don’t have the money

Well, what do you want to do about that?

What could you do to get the money to invest?

What are 3 ways you could generate the money?

I could go on.

Circumstances are inevitable and how we BE with them makes a difference. Look for the opportunity in all challenges and for the love of God, stop trying to create your dreams by yourself.