March 19, 2020

Episode One: Why Your Relationships Suck? A Podcast with Leighann Amanda

Episode Summary

Ontological Relationship Coach Leighann Amanda shares about her experience in discovering what was in the way of her relationships. Her commitment to supporting men in being fully expressed in love and relationship and how critical it is to get to know all of yourself in the quest to find love.


Leighann Amanda

Show Notes:

  • What the heck is an Ontological Relationship Coach?
  • The importance of growing our own awareness
  • How we can get righteous in our transformation inside of a relationship
  • We talk about powerful questions to ask in discovering what you want.
  • The importance of building a solid loving relationship with yourself
  • Bob shares when he knew what was in the way of his next relationship
  • Yep, we talk about self-love and what the heck that means
  • We share our stories of working on our own issues in therapy
  • Exploring Internal Family Systems (inner children and others)
  • Relationship patterns
  • Why working with a coach helps

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Internal Family Systems

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