November 18, 2018

Be Less Petty Podcast – Tinder Loving Care

Join Shona and I as we share a bit about how we met, what happens when challenges come up in our marriage, and of course how being intentional in our relationship is crucial for happiness.  Hosts Kellye Howard and Mike Jue are amazing and talented humans.  We quickly became friends after our time with them!  Enjoy

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From Kelly Howard…

As you know this season of Be Less Petty is all about relationships.  So this episode is no different. Mike and Kellye chat with Robert Conlin and Shona Moeller, a TINDER DATE gone right! OR swiped RIGHT should we say. Now as a married couple with like minds, goals, and ambitions, they are redefining what it looks like to meet a mate on the “APPS”.

Some key takeaways shared in this episode are:

1) INTENTIONS: Many people on the dating apps have not defined what their intentions are when looking for a mate. By being very clear about this from the start, being an app user for the modern day dater can be a much more exciting AND rewarding experience.

2) SELF-LOVE/SELF-AWARENESS: A lot of times we get in relationships with the hopes that someone will save us. Fix the broken parts of our soul that we ourselves refuse to acknowledge. This is a set up for a letdown. We must come into a committed relationship either knowing WHO we are or being willing to discover it independently from our mate. This is the only way to feel fully fulfilled in a relationship. If you are looking to be saved, this can add a lot of pressure on the other person, and a lot of disappointment to you if they don’t comply.

3) IT’S NOT ABOUT THE CHARGER!: @27min, Kellye chats about an argument with Mike over a phone charger, but soon realizes it wasn’t about the charger at all. How many of you find yourselves fighting over things that are not the true reasons for the fight? We must get in the habit of looking at ourselves and questioning our natural (habitual) behaviors when they lead to unruly and confrontational situations. Is my inner child screaming out for attention right now or am I really mad about this damn charger?

Robert Conlin and Shona Moeller are relationship coaches who will be launching their own practice in January 2019.

For now, you can check out their individual websites and even get a free consultation on how they can help you find the love you’re seeking, or improve the one you already have.

Robert Conlin:

IG: @Relationshipwisdumb

Shona Moeller:

IG: @shonamoeller