June 7, 2018

It’s A Terrible Idea

It’s a terrible idea.

Let’s talk about the “F” word. F E A R

Fear isn’t going anywhere. As much as I try to feel a certain way about my life and what I am up to I am reminded that fear isn’t going anywhere. If I am up to creating what I say I want…and most days I absolutely am.

Fear is there.

A six-figure full-time coaching practice
Becoming a father
Getting in the best shape of my life
Owning my leadership
Being the go-to person for relationship coaching

…I will be and am afraid. There is fear but for me, this is also a full experience of life and a full expression of who I am…and it’s worth walking in fear to get it.

This morning my coach gave me the practice to embrace the fear, welcome it, play with it, and create it. Create fear! What? He likened it to gravity. Gravity, like fear, will always be there. With gravity, I don’t think much of it. Perhaps maybe when I lift something heavy or fall on my ass I’m reminded of gravity but it does not consume me like I give the power of fear to do. I need to be reminded that if I am playing a big enough game in my life I will be afraid, uncomfortable, wanting to play safe. Normalize it. Move on. Create. Achieve. In the face of the fear.

I titled this post “It’s a terrible idea” to poke fun at the fear.

It’s a terrible idea to leave the comfort of a guaranteed paycheck, the benefits, and the security.
It’s a terrible idea to completely alter my life and my relationship with my wife in bringing a life into this crazy world.
It’s a terrible idea to face the facts that I let my well-being and health slip and put my body through more discomfort to get it healthier.
It a terrible idea to constantly push my growing edge in leadership and my business. It’s not safe to. It’s uncomfortable and awkward and one of the most vulnerable things for me to do.

It’s a terrible idea and I’m also totally worth it.

So are you.

It’s a terrible idea to get honest with yourself and come to terms that life may not have turned out how you wanted it to.
It’s a terrible idea to end your romantic relationship. It’s going to hurt and there will be collateral damage.
It’s a terrible idea to leave the job that no longer excites you or ignites your passion.
It’s a terrible idea to hire me and spend all that money for me to tell you the things you don’t want to hear, to have you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be and get what you really want in life.
It’s a terrible idea and makes absolutely no sense to work with a coach and it’s a terrible idea not to.

Let’s make some terrible decisions together and let the magic happen.

Shall we?