May 12, 2018

Motivation Kinda Sucks…

I made a commitment to myself when I relaunched my brand and business in April of 2018 that I would create weekly content in the form of a blog post. In spite of having two pages of topics and ideas to write about, tonight I find myself just not wanting to put anything out. So, I figured I write a bit about just that. Not feeling like doing the thing and doing it anyway.

What happens when we just “don’t feel like it?”

This is most noticeable when we get super excited and motivated about something. We may spend a couple weeks at the gym for our New Year resolution, track our food and stay on our food plan. We may change our behavior towards our partner or heck we may even be motivated to get to work on time every day and perhaps even work a little harder. It’s going great and then it happens.

The day where you just don’t feel like it.

We sleep in and blow off the gym while our trainer is texting “where are you?”. We start to make food choices that are not aligned with our goals. We start to get snappy and bitchy with our partner again, and work becomes yet again another thing to suffer through.

Honoring the “Not Feeling Like It” happens when all we have invested in our goal is motivation.

This is where I like to look at motivation. Feeling motivated is just that. A feeling. What I know about feelings is that they are unreliable and do not last. Take a look at your own life and how you’ve felt one way or another about a person, place, or thing. It’s never static. It changes, moves, and evolves. Once it’s gone it’s gone until something else comes along and you get another motivated feeling about the person, place, or thing. I don’t want to completely devalue motivation but there’s something way more powerful to pull you through the not feeling like it.

It’s commitment.

A commitment is actually a state of being. A way to be about something. A higher calling and purpose. A commitment can pull you through the feelings, the lack of motivation, and when you just get too busy. A commitment is something greater, more powerful, and more likely to support you in creating the experience of life you want to be having. I invite you to notice where you are motivated and where you are committed in your life. Take a look at your relationships, the way you treat yourself, and your career. Explore where there is an opportunity to reinvent and create. Notice how you be about your commitments and what happens on the other side of them.

My commitment to sharing my heart, growing my business, and changing the world one person at a time pulled me through tonight.

Tonight when I just didn’t feel like it.