March 25, 2018

Creating Courage


Much of what I do with my clients requires a tremendous amount of courage. To recognize that something is missing, that there’s a gap, that, god forbid, I may need help. We are taught to be self-sufficient, to work harder, better, faster, to “fix” the thing. Sure, it works for a time but there begins to be a bankruptcy that one starts to realize no matter how it goes, in the end, it won’t be different. Enter courage.

It takes courage to realize that you need a change. It takes courage to step into the unknown and take a real hard look at who you really are. To admit you are lost. Terrifying to put it all under the spotlight, to put it on loud speaker, to boldly face it. Consider you are also one of the lucky ones. You have a chance at reinventing yourself. To create the experience of life that you heart truly desires.

It takes courage to come home to your partner and have the serious conversation. It takes courage to realize that your needs are no longer being met nor have they been for quite some time. It takes courage to admit that the love has gone and your partner is now a stranger. Your life is intertwined and it can be overwhelming to manage through the mess of a break up. Consider that nothing will change if nothing changes. What has you choosing day in and day out the unhappiness?

It takes courage to leave the job that no longer fulfills you. To leave behind the security of the paycheck, the job that proves to the world that you matter and provide value. That you have worked so hard to cultivate and exceed in…but you now dread it. Another day you choose to go to this job another small piece of you dies. That may be dramatic but you get it.

So, here’s the thing. Your life is 100% your responsibility. No one is coming to save you. Prince charming, the hottest woman on the plant, the dream job, winning the lottery, fill in the blank…. without the shift required within you will begin relating to all of it again the same way anyway. I support my clients in creating that shift. A once and for all shift that has them connected to their heart. To passion, joy, excitement, possibility. The first step to that shift is courage. Being brave enough to take a stand for you. I am one of a gazillion support structures that exist in the world and my invitation is that you empower one that has you living the life you deserve and the life that you are terrified might actually be available. Consider me a partner. I exist to create strong relationships with courage and heart. Ready?